Grazyna Hajewski

virgin-mary-grazyna-hajewski-germany-2011-relief-oil-watercolor-acryl-tempera-canvas-40x30x2cm-no-33311.png (2011) Sold

40x30x2 cm ~ Painting, Gouache, Oil, Tempera ~ Canvas

Virgin Mary, Grazyna Hajewski, Germany 2011, relief, oil, watercolor, acryl, tempera, canvas (line), 40x30x2cm, no 33311

The image was created before Christmas of the year 2011 and the recognition of the connoisseur of art from Hamburg found in the year 2013.

The technique of painting I applied here is called: relief. And it means practically carving on the canvas. If this technique also finds your appreciation, if you would like to order a similar portrait, please contact me for this.


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